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CHANDIGARH (4275) answer(s).
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SrlType TitleAuthor / CreatorCall NumberReserveLinksIn BasketTo Basket
1ThesisENG Study of academic stress among adolescents in relation to coping strategies parental attachment & social support Brar , Reetinder T 370.15 B822S 544343  
2ThesisENG Study of psycho-social aspects of evaluation of sports injury and rehabilitation Paul Maman T 155.916 P324S 693291  
3ThesisENG " Conception of dharamyudh in the philosophy of Guru Gobind Singh " Sharma , Hem Raj T 2si2.191 S531C 692008  
4ThesisENG " Effects of computer assisted instruction , video assisted instruction & video assisted instruction & self learning module on Pabla , Tejvir Kaur T 371.33 P111E 544028  
5ThesisENG " Guru Nanak bani vich sbhiachar da rupantran " Gurvinderjit Kaur T 2SI2.11 691986  
6ThesisENG " Parvasi Panjabi novel vich algao ( Bartania ate utri - america de sandarbh vich ) " Chanchal Bala T8P3.7 691985   Click here to 
                                view links
7ThesisENG " Punjabi naval vich Nirupit viaktitav da vighatan ( Surjit singh sethi , Narinjan tasneem ate s. soz de navlan de v Rajinder Singh T 8P3.7 691994  
8ThesisENG " Response of Shiromani Akali Dal to the socio - political issues in Punjab since 1984 " Kuldip Kaur T T320.1095481 K95R 544400  
9ThesisENG " Role of state in the making & unmaking of delinquents - a study of observation homes in Punjab " Nagi , Amrinder T364.36 N143R 691935  
10ThesisENG "Effect of computer assisted instruction & self learning modules on achievement in economics as related to cognitive styles at t Sharma , Bharti T373 S531E 544363  
11ThesisENG "Heavy metal toxicity in plants : exploring the adaptive mechanisms in a metal accumulator (brassica juncea (L.) czern.) and a n Goel, Shilpa T 571.9543 G595H 692209  
12ThesisENG "Negotiating cultures Walia, Sumittar Singh T 809.93355 W176N 692774  
13ThesisENG "Problems of equivalence in translation of literary texts from Russian into Hindi" Gunreet Kaur T 491.7802 G976P 692554  
14ThesisENG "Society & economy in mughal India : a critical analysis of british accounts " Karam Chand T954.023 K18S 544379  
15ThesisENG "Thinking & Learning styles of prospective secondary teachers in relation to intelligence & personality Kamal Prakash T 371.1 K14T 544018  
16ThesisENG (1) Standardization studies on Guggulu Sarup, Prerna T 615.321 S251S 693046  
17Reference BooksENG [Proceedings]... Seminar on Documentation and Information Services in Social Sciences in India: their problems and relevance, Chandigarh R 029.7 S471P 518656  
18ThesisENG ``CC'' ``DDC'' and ``UDC'': a comparative study of ``Time'', ``Space'' and ``Comman Isolates''. Rajesh Kumar T 025.43 R161C 539608  
19ThesisENG 1,10-Phenanthroline and its metal complexes as fluorescent molecular probes Alreja,Priya T 547.59 A459P 694204  
20ThesisPUN 1990 ਤੇਂ ਬਾਅਦ ਦੇ ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਨਾਵਲ ਵਿਚ ਬਦਲਦੇ ਸਮਾਜਿਕ ਯਥਾਰਥ ਦੀ ਪੇਸ਼ਕਾਰੀ ਸ਼ਰਮਾ,ਰਮਨ ਕੁਮਾਰ T 8P3.709 ਸ਼83ਉ 692352