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939 journal(s).
 Item CodeLibClass NumberTitlePublisherISSNHolding NoteBound VolumesIssues CountDeptLN
J0567CL00 Aahvan    09RRP1
J0554CL  Abstracts of Sikh Studies Institute of sikh studies  034RRP1
J0421CL  Academy of Management review Academy of ManagementISSN: 0363-7425 020UBS1
J0315CL  Accountancy Institute of Chartered Accountants  272UBS1
J0335CL  Accounting review American Accounting AssociationISSN: 0001-4826 444UBS1
J0053CL  ACM transactions on software engineering and methodology Association for Computing Machinery  035CSC1
J0773CL  Acorn Philosophy Documentation Center  06PHI1
J0594CL  Acta Mathematica Springer  028MAT1
J0318CL  Adelphi series Taylor & Francis Group  011CDS1
J0472CL  ADJ's training & simulation SHP Media Sdn. Bhd  028CDS1
J0450CL  Advances in developing human resources Sage Publications  038UBS1
J0734CL  Advances in Mathematics of Communications (Online) American Institute of Mathematical Sciences  08MAT1
J0358CL  Advertising express IUP Publications  013UBS1
M0036CL  Aks    09PBI1
J0101CL  Algebra colloquium World Scientific Library has:136MAT1
Item Code Title Subject Class Lib
J0567 Aahvan 00 CL
LibVolumeIssuePublished OnReceived OnStatusNoteIssued ToAccession#
CL8 3-5
01-Sep-201502-Nov-2015 Received   
CL8 1 - 2
01-Mar-201524-Jul-2015 Received   
CL7 5-6
01-Nov-201404-May-2015 Received   
CL7 4
01-Jul-201425-Nov-2014 Received   
CL7 1-2
01-Mar-201425-Nov-2014 Received   
CL3 3
01-May-201104-Aug-2011 Received   
CL3 2
01-Mar-201121-Jul-2011 Received   
CL3 1
01-Jan-201111-Mar-2011 Received   
CL2 6
01-Nov-201024-Feb-2011 Received